Woosin vina visits union executives in Nghe An Province
Writer :  관리자 Date : 2022-03-07 Hit : 190

                          ◈ Woosin vina visits union executives in Nghe An Province ◈


  content : On February 24, 2022, Vietnam's Ministry of Labor visited our company, etc., to interview the company's production activities, and the results of the visit were written in the Nguyenxi union newspaper.


  Visitors : Nghe An Province Labor Department Director, Kabandam, Deputy Team Leader, Southeast Economic Development Bureau and 5 others


  The result of the visit : In order to understand the production situation of the company and

labor-management relations, I visited FDI (foreign direct investment) companies that employ many workers,Company is very interested in production activities and COVID-19 prevention activities, Recognizing corporate contributions in a way that fulfills its obligations to local communities and governments well.



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24  Woosin vina visits union executives in Nghe An Province 관리자 2022-03-07 190
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