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1. When will be the date of employment date if I am finally accepted?
A. I hope to join the company and start to work as soon as possible after the final acceptance.
2 How is the interview conducted ?
  A. Working-level interviews and executive interviews are held each day. (Multiple interviewers, and Multiple interviewees)
3 How is the salary calculated?
  A. Salary is calculated according to company regulations.
4 Where will I work?
  A. It depends on your job. You will work in Pyeongtaek for production and manufacturing / in Seoul for business management.
5 When do you announce successful applicants after document screening?
  A. Successful applicants who pass the document screening will be contacted individually 2 to 5 days prior to the start of interview screening.
6 Is there a probationary period?
  A. You will go through a three month probationary period.
7 During the probationary period, are the salary and treatment etc., the same as for regular workers?
  A. Excluding the salary part, the same salary and treatment etc., will apply.
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