We declare that we will do our best in eco-friendly management activities by establishing an autonomous environment system for customer satisfaction and environmental preservation through customer-centered mindset, pursuit of conformity and efficient management.
  • 1. Environmental preservation is the fundamental duty of all employees, and the environment is the top priority in all businesses.
  • 2. All employees must faithfully comply with environmental regulations and environmental requirements, and satisfy them to a higher level if possible.
  • 3. In order to identify serious environmental impacts, continuously improve environmental performance, and do our best to prevent environmental pollution, we will practice as follows.

    - Minimize the amount of waste generated and discharged.
    - Minimize the emission of various pollutants generated during production by gradually introducing and applying environmentally friendly raw and subsidiary materials, facilities, and production methods.
    - Strive to preserve resources by efficiently managing resources and energy consumption.

  • 4. All employees must understand and comply with this policy. To this end, each year, detailed goals and action plans are established, along with appropriate delivery and education and training., and monitoring and continuous improvement are promoted. In addition, it is reviewed and revised on a regular basis so that it can be harmonized with the changing conditions of the organization's activities.