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Now, the automobile is no longer a simple means of transportation. It has become a running living space.
The inside of a running automobile becomes an office, and we do home shopping and even home automation in a running automobile.
The concept of automobiles “The Flower of Mechanical Industry,” has already been transformed into a “Fruit of Cutting-edge Technologies" that has all the functions with which we can secure various means for the life convenience. Wiring Harness is playing an important role in successfully incorporating such cutting-edge technologies into automobiles, which are also expressed as running electronic products.
In line with the rapid trend of electrification automotive parts, wiring harness manufacturers are demanding a potential technology that dramatically reduces the number of wiring circuits while ensuring the perfect functions of electronic parts.

In response to this trend, Sewon Electronics is spurring the application of EEDS (Electrical Electronic Distribution System) technology that pursues the application of advanced communication technologies such as LIN, CAN, and Bluetooth, electronic modularization, and optimization of power systems and network functions.
We, Sewon Electronics, promise to do our best to contribute to the development of the Korean automobile industry, which has already reached the level of advanced countries through the application of EEDS technology, and to become an advanced automobile parts manufacturer in the 21st century pursuing customer satisfaction and the best technologies.
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